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My Life is a Collection of Crazy Adventures

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This picture almost has too much awesome in it.
This picture almost has too much awesome in it.

My dad is always telling me to save my money. If I were to listen to him, I'd have a lot more of it in my bank account. You see I like to do things. Extraordinary and sometimes crazy things. I love travel and I love doing something new and different. I kind of an experience junky if you will. I don't always seek out a thrill like your normal adrenaline junky, no I seek out the new and the epic.

I've been an exchange student in Paris; climbed the tallest mountain in the lower 48 states; driven cross-country solo; spent a week in Prague; lived in Yellowstone National Park for a summer; was in attendance at Wendel Clark night; saw the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake; attended the 2009 NHL draft; been to the 2009 NCAA hockey National Championship Game; gone to Monday Night Raw at MSG; flown across the country to attend Lollapalooza; saw Michigan vs. Notre Dame at the Big House; seen the Indy 500; been to a Monday Night Football game; gone salmon fishing in Alaska; been to the WJC; got my scuba diving certification; and done a shit ton of random other things.

This weekend I get to chalk up another big first; I'll watch my first ever baseball game inside of the sport's most hallowed ground, Fenway Park.  It's Manny's return to Boston since he last brought them a championship. Chemmy told me that tickets were available on StubHub and it took me all of a half second to decide. Should be a blast.

Just remember, while arguing on the internet is fun, there a lot more to life than debates about the salary cap and comparing GVT numbers for Russian born left wingers .  And remember, that you can't take money with you when it's all said and done.

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