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For British Eyes Only

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I love Charlize Theron
I love Charlize Theron

So this weekend I went on an Arrested Development fest.  As I mentioned, I discovered that we have the Sundance Channel which shows two episodes a day.  So I set the PVR last week and come Friday I had 14 episodes to watch.  With the hubby suffering from a migraine Friday night and most of Saturday, I sat down and caught up on one of the funniest shows ever on TV.  I think my favourite storyline is when Micheal Bluth starts dating Rita, an English woman portrayed by Charlize Theron.  For some reason, every time Micheal gets hit by Mary Poppins flying through the air when he visits Wee Britain, I almost die of laughter.  Also, somehow we need a PPP equivalent of The Chicken Dance.  Ideas?

I sure hope the movie is good.  Here's your links: