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Why MLSE should hire the WWE to fix the quiet ACC

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Over the past few seasons there has been much talk about the ACC having a relatively subdued atmosphere during Leafs games.  Aside from epic match-ups like those against the Habs, Sens, or other Canadian teams, the building can be a bit on the quiet side. The choice of music is boring; the intermission entertainment is lacking; and the snippets during stoppages of play only appeal to those who like blonds. What MLSE needs to do is inject just raw, unadulterated octane into Maple Leafs game. What they need to do is hire the WWE

Two nights ago I attended WWE Monday Night Raw in Bridgeport, CT. A town of only 140,000, the arena there is home to the Bridgeport Sound Tigers, the AHL farm team of the New York Islanders. It seats only 10,000 for an event like WWE, but let me tell you what, even with such a small crowd on hand the WWE really knows how to put on a show.

As soon as they went on air, fans were welcomed with a pyrotechnics shows that left my eyes watering and ears ringing. Then the all too familar RAW themesong started up with the volume cranked to 11 and all 10,000 people in that arena on their feet and cheering at the top of their lungs. From then on, it only got better with fantastic wrestler intros, more pyro, and clever use of downtime due to commercials. WWE heavily plays the drama and the T&A, and it works to make them one of the best run brands in entertainment; they know exactly what their fans want and how to properly cater to them. This is definitely something that's been lacking on MLSE's end.

Imagine custom music and intros for the starting lineup; crazy hot ice girls to shovel during commercial stoppages and potentially wrestle during the long ones; pyrotechnic displays after goals; the encouragement to fans to make and bring signs to display at games; and John Cena participating as a guest referee every now and then. It would be a thing of pure beauty.

Think about it.  Links after the jump.

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