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Brandon Hynes Attracting The Attention Of The Maple Leafs

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Editor's Note: Raja Pakkomielle passed this article along by Pierre-Luc Chenel of Sports Juniors which is in French. From what I've read it is a French blog focused on the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. What follows is a translation of a June 23, 2010 post about Brandon Hynes and the Maple Leafs. If you read French, head over here to read it. If not, I did my best to put it into English. If there are mistakes in the translation blame poor memory and Google.

Brandon Hynes has made an impressive leap of 78 post in Central Scouting's latest NHL Draft rankings. Ranked 200th in mid-season the Victoriaville Tigres player in now ranked 122nd.

With the success of the team this year, Hynes was able to play 81 games, missing only three games in the playoff series against the Quebec Remparts. "The team always comes first. The better the team is the better the players will be," remarked Hynes when asked if he had benefitted from a bigger showcase.

With the Maple Leafs?

The native of Norris Point, Newfoundland will not be attending the draft in Los Angeles. Until now, Hynes has met with nine teams in the NHL and the Maple Leafs have shown the most interest in him. "It went well when I met with them but it's hard to say if there was a connection. It's hard to know what will happen but they were definitely the ones that showed the most interest thus far."

"If I am drafted, I will be happy to be part of an NHL club so it won't matter who drafts me or where I am picked," added the number 9.


Brandon Hynes was drafted third overall by the Tigres in 2009. Following a year of adjustment, the right winger exploded for 41 goals and 75 points which drew the attention of NHL scouts. "It was a goal as soon as I was drafted into the QMJHL. Now, the next step is to be drafted at another level. I've worked very hard and played as well as I could."

At 5'9" Brandon Hynes could sow some doubt among teams in the NHL but the most important person doesn't worry about that too much. "There are not many players in the NHL that are 5'9" but there are many that are 5'10" and 5'11" so it's only a question of a couple of inches. There are small players and some are even smaller than me in the NHL but it's clear they must show more."