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Hidden Gems

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Look at how cute I am!
Look at how cute I am!

So yesterday I pulled out an old USB key to bring to work.  Plugging it into my computer for the first time in at least a year, I was pleased to discover a number of old photos I thought I had lost.  A few of university friends that I haven't seen in ages, past projects, trips and the best part: two old baby pictures.  And who doesn't love looking at old baby pictures?

Oh yeah, and I guess yesterday there was a big trade between the Hawks and Thrashers, a smaller one between the Sharks and Thrashers to allow for the first one, and the NHL awards.  My husband was overjoyed at the fact that Henrik Sedin won the Hart trophy - the very first time a Canuck player has done that.  I didn't find much to cheer about, although my favourite part was the Getzlaf-Ryan skit about the Olympic medals.  What was yours?

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PS: Wrestling sucks.