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2009-2010 Fredrik Sjöström

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From Beauchemin to Stalberg, we're taking a look at and grading (please read the criteria below) the 2009-10 season for every player who laced 'em up for the Maple Leafs for a significant number of games during the campaign, with an eye towards 2010-11. That means only guys that are still property of the Maple Leafs. We're doing this in concert with Maple Leafs Hot Stove. Next up, Fredrik Sjöström.

Fredrik Sjostrom

#11 / Right Wing / Toronto Maple Leafs



May 06, 1983

Years in the NHL:

Became a Leaf: Traded by the Calgary Flames along with Phaneuf and Aulie for Mayers, White, Hagman, and Stajan.

Contract Status: 1 year left on a 2 year deal worth $1.5M, with a caphit of $750,000

2009 - Fredrik Sjostrom 65 3 8 11 -2 12 0 0 0 0 64 4.7

The Summary:

Brought over from the Calgary Flames alongside Dion Phaneuf, Shoe Storm was initially overlooked in that deal as Phaneuf was the big name coming back. However it quickly became apparent that Sjobacca was just the man to fix the atrocious Maple Leafs' penalty kill, something that he's become one of the league's best at.

Please read the whole article, yes that's right, every freaking word, before you vote in the poll.

The Good:

Touted as an excellent defensive minded forward, after his trade to Toronto he led all forwards with 2:14 of shorthanded time a game. But how did he do? Have a look:

Leafs penalty kill before Shoestrings: 69.8% (Last in the league)

Leafs penalty kill after Shoestrings: 85.3% (4th in the league over the entire season)

Now there are other factors in play here, such as the fact that the Leafs had an NHL calibre goalie in net with Schlitzstrom on the team, or the fact that Dion Phaneuf led all defensemen in shorthanded icetime as well. But if you watched some of the games, it was clear that Freddy Sjo Sjo Shabbado more than held his own while down a man.

The Bad:

19 game played; 2 goals and 3 assists. Not the best for a former 1st round draft pick, and certainly lacking for a player getting third line minutes. If he can't put up the points, expect to see him shifted down to the fourth line and first PK unit. However 5 points in 19 games translates out to a 20 point season for the Swede, and with a cap hit of only $750,000 that's a pretty good bargain.

The Ugly:

For some reason despite his excellent PK play, Shoe Storm was benched for 7 of the 26 games he could have played as a Leaf. Now I don't know why exactly that was, but when players like Brayden Irwin and Tim Brent are getting played instead of you, that can't be good.

The Eye Candy:

FLA 3 @ TOR 1 - Frederik Sjostrom Scores - 100323 (via LeafsVideos)

The Discussion:

Where do you see Schlitzstrom fitting in to the overall scheme of things for next season? Does he play low minutes on the 4th line and PK, or does he continue to play on the 3rd like he did this past season? After this year, do you think he should resigned for the 2011-12 season? Do you have any other awesome nicknames for him?

Audience Participation:

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