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So there's a draft or something going on? Boring.

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Loser Domi found this amazing video and featured it in her Friday YouTube Yoinkage, and I can't get it out of my head. So I bring to you, The Dion Phaneuf Song!

The Dion Phaneuf Song (via 11leverhume)

Seriously the best Dion Phaneuf related video on YouTube, no question about it. A huge amount of links after the jump to get you ready for the draft.

SB Nation's 2010 NHL Mock Draft -
SB Nation and our 30 NHL team bloggers run through our annual NHL mock draft.

SB Nation At The 2010 NHL Draft: 2 Days, 14 Writers, 210 Draft Picks -
The SBN Hockey Megaverse has sent 14 writers including some friends like J.P. from Jasper's Rink.

Because he got cut off, here is the full list of people Tyler Myers wanted to thank

Bangin Panger helps to finish the current Calder and future Vezina winner's speech.

A very Staalsy Reunion

LD brings up the happenings from the Staal family reunion.

SBNation is being handsomely represented at the draft tomorrow

What? No one from PPP? What about our.....oh right.

Why the Bruins and Leafs aren't likely to be trading over Kaberle.

Mike from VLM sees GM gamesmanship being the main reason this won't happen.

Leafs trade talk about the uniqueness of draft week

D&D's Sports Talk feel a great disturbance in the force.

Are you ready?


Burke gets ready to begin Kaberle auction

If Kaberle doesn't get traded tomorrow I'm going to go insane.

Burke: Kaberle deal not imminent

Gun; temple; pull trigger *thud*gurgle*

Defending the Kessel trade

Part 2 of 3.

43 things you need to know about the 2010 NHL draft

21. Kitchener Rangers center Jeff Skinner won a bronze medal at the 2004 Skate Canada Junior Nationals, an event for Canada's top young figure skaters.

Hit to the head rule has been approved by the board of governors

Matt Cooke sets aside a large chunk of his salary for head shot fines.

NHL Draft Related Links and Archives

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A listing of draft prospect profiles from around SB Nation

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A look at the interesting storylines that will happen during day 1 of the NHL Draft

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Everything that you've wanted to know about the NHL draft in the 30 team era.

Also not so hot at drafting? Chicago. (More Draft Analysis 94-present) - Pension Plan Puppets
The most complete NHL draft database that you will ever use.

Where Star Level Players Are Found in the NHL Draft - Bird Watchers Anonymous
A quick look at where elite players found on the 16 NHL Playoff teams were taken in the NHL Draft.

How Well Does the Draft Translate to Finding NHL Worthy Players and Making Successful Teams? - Pension Plan Puppets
That's self-explanatory n'est pas?

The NHL Draft Weekend in 10,000 Words - Pension Plan Puppets
A walk down memory lane: PPP Does Montreal