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Greg McKegg farted just before this picture was taken.
Greg McKegg farted just before this picture was taken.

Woke up, played some video games. Saw the US get eliminated. Did a ton of laundry. Watched the draft. Drank some Jäger. Met a 400lb man named Nigel and his friend Jesus. Saw the A-Team. Almost got into a fight at the theater. Told some guy that he was a doctor with an M.D. Woke up. Watched England get eliminated. Played some video games.  Cleaned a camping water filter. Washed a tent. Watched Bob Saget's guest apperance on AFV (amazing). Wrote this FTB.

I give it a solid 8/10.  Your's?

Brian Burke: the latter day Punch Imlach?

VLM brings us the similarities between the two men and they are hard to deny.

If Marc Savard goes, he'll go cheaper than you would have thought

Don't know how he goes cheap, but I like it.  Not at the end of this article, it states that John Mitchell was not qualified. Burke has until 5pm today to do so, else Mitchell becomes a UFA. Interesting.

Savard talk is risky business for Big Blue

Friend of the blog Damien Cox makes up names and says that Savard has a quote "coyote ugly" contract.  Really? 7 years at $4M per caphitwise for an 80 point centre and it's not a 35+ deal?  Sounds freaking great to me.

2010 Maple Leafs Draft Review

MLHS has the rundown of the Leafs happenings at the draft.

Tomas Kaberle in Metamorphosis: Part 2

Loser Domi brings us another installment of this Kafkaesque tale.

NHL equivalencies for the Maple Leaf draft picks

Slava Duris uses his helmet  and crunches some numbers for the newest members of Leafs Nation.

A weekend on the Maple Leafs rollercoaster

Yakov Mironov recounts the ups and downs felt over draft weekend.

The who, what, where, when, and why of the Leaf draftess

LeafsHQ has the DL on 'em.

Finally, .50 caliber BMG vs. the iPhone 4

Guess who wins?