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An Open Letter to Dan Ellis

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Dear Dan,

I am so sorry for you. When I heard the news that your rights had been traded to Montreal for those of Little Tits, I was breathless and in a state of shock, unable to comprehend the news I had just heard.  Through Twitter and the Predators website, us fans were given an inside look at your life and to be quite honest, you seem like one hell of a good person.  You're a devout family man; a kind soul; and just the right amount of mellow.  I really wanted to see you get picked up in free agency by a good team and maybe even make a run at The Cup because I couldn't see it being won by a nicer guy.

But then you got traded to Montreal. And if you happen to sign there, then I have but one choice; I must hate you. It will pain me to do so, but if you ever put on that damned jersey I shall shout nothing but obscenities in your general direction and hope for you to fall flat on your face.  I don't want to do that Dan, but if you sign in Montreal you will have tied my hands.

Please for all of us fans out there, please please don't sign with Montreal.


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