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No Hockey on TV? No Problem!

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Last night may have been the greatest night of lazy television watching that I've yet to experience. It was just epic on so many levels, ending on the highest note possible: seeing a naked midget wrestler attempt to climb to the top of a stripper pole. But to fully appreciate the ending, we have to go back to the beginning:

My company celebrated it's 25th anniversary yesterday with a big party of sorts at a local country club. The food was good, the party lame, and it was hot as balls outside. Yuck. Me and two guys named Mike who I carpooled bounced out early around 3:30pm and I ended up home around 4:30. After walking Wendel Bark, I sat down in front of the ol' boob tube and thus it began.

Nothing was on at first so I flipped around between PTI and random other shows. Then at 6pm I flipped up to the HBO channels, which we had bought for The Pacific (6 out of 10), and I saw that Bill and Ted's Excellent Journey was on. Dust. Wind. Dude. Air Guitar. Then as if that itself wasn't already great, it was followed by Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey. Station! Just when I thought the night was already a 10, it got turned up to an 11 with The Hangover. In the face! After that, there was about a 45 minute down period until, you guessed it, midget wrestling. Now, as I write this, there's a making of teaser for the new A-Team movie.

God bless American television.

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And lastly, to answer the question on everyone's mind; Yes, the midget wrestling television show is shot with regular sized cameras.


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