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Saturday's Alright For Fighting...or Soccer

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Super Stefan Frei! When he's in net, nothing gets by.
Super Stefan Frei! When he's in net, nothing gets by.

The gentleman in the picture with the big white gloves is Toronto FC's starting goalkeeper Stefan Frei. He's a young Swiss goalie that is likely playing his last summer in Major League Soccer before being snapped up by a European club. He's been snapping up the clean sheets and has been a major reason why Toronto FC has yet to lose a game at home. Yes, in a city where the home teams have been terrible over the past few seasons the mostly rebuilt TFC has posted five wins, one tie, and one national championship in six home games in all competitions. Today they take on the Kansas City Wizards with a chance to move back into second in the Eastern Conference and one of the automatic playoff spots. MLS really is a league where anyone making the playoffs can win. TFC has never made it but the MLS Cup is in Toronto this year. It's early, early days but if they can make it they'd only have to win one game on the road to set up a title game at Fortress can dream. Oh, and the World Cup begins on Friday. It's a great time to be a local soccer fan...unless Italy or Portugal do well. God help us in that case. Anyway, back to hockey after the jump!

Just in case you're interested in buying some hawkey memorabilia for a good cause, check out these pucks. - How Glendale Subsidies Cost the NHL and Benefit the NHLPA
More on the Phoenix situation. - Teams aren’t coming to Canada
The sooner Canadians accept it the better.

Bloge Salming: What's Up With The Name Byfuglien???
Norweigian? That must have REALLY confused locals when he was younger.

Black Aces: Welcome To Edmonton East
Edmonton East is a great insult. Thanks for that gift.

Why Jason Spezza is a Good Fit for the Maple Leafs
I think that this is a pretty compelling case for the Leafs to trade for Spezza. I don't know that the Leafs would have the pieces that would interest Ottawa that Burke would be willing to move.

Jim Matheson: Would Spezza be a good fit for the Oilers?
This definitely seems like a move right up Kevin Lowe's alley who is so desperate for a 'star' player.

The Universal Cynic: From the mind of Daniel Alfredsson*
Heatley and Spezza's juvenile antics almost (ALMOST) make Alfredsson a sympathetic figure. Almost but not quite.

Whitby’s Hamilton to Stay in Toronto " Maple Leafs Hot Stove
More on Ryan Hamilton. Enter at your own risk. Saw someone compare John Mitchell to Guillaume Latendresse.

Colin Campbell Talks Potential Rule Changes, Conference Alignment | Hockey or Die
I think that's self-explanatory enough.

Boogie Man Could Rattle Northeast Division " maple stir-up
The only thing he'd rattle are the press box doors.

For Canucks, Schneider Deal Makes Sense Now Rather Than Later -- NHL FanHouse
Mike Gillis wishes Dave Nonis would come back and make this trade for him.

Talking About Chris Pronger | Hockey or Die
Did you know that Chris Pronger is an amazing defenceman? True story.

Flash Mob Fever - Broad Street Hockey
This is what happens when old media doesn't understand a new term. Hilarity and useless indignation ensues.

Vintage Leaf Memories: The ‘hardest-working’ Maple Leafs from 1958 to the present
Toronto fans love a trier. VLM puts together a long list of guys that combined skill with effort or sometimes just effort with effort.

Fallen Leafs - Patrick Sharp is a very handsome man (pt. 243)
Sharp grows a pretty mean beard

New Leafs Uniforms?

Jeffler's taken Working Class Howard's 'hints' from his 'bird-dogs' and put together what looks like a good approximation of what to expect next year.

An In-Depth Look at Tomas Kaberle's Possible Suitors

This is a pretty comprehensive look at where he might go complete with possible jerseys.