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Do You Want to Play Hockey with Wendel Clark?

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Wendel Celebrating
Wendel Celebrating

I noticed this on Wendel Clark's PR person's twitter today:

Book your day at Clark Gardens ™:

I was expecting a botanical wonderland with Venus Marty Mcsorley traps and a wood chipper constantly running through Kerry Fraser effigies. A place where you could stop and smell the Doug Gilmour roses and watch Glenn Anderson avoid paying child support: in short a fantasy land.

But the truth is much more exciting: you could play hockey with Wendel Clark. Despite being almost $900 per person I think this package has a lot of value to Down Goes Brown:

This distinctive excursion will provide you and your guests the once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the thrill of playing a game of 3 on 3 with Wendel at his very own personal indoor rink located in his backyard.

Meaning obviously you'd know where Wendel Clark lived. The brochure even shows a survivor sitting by a stove laughing with Wendel. Unlikely!

Personally I'm torn about this excursion. On one hand I'd like to play hockey with Wendel Clark, but on the other hand even though having "Played hockey with Wendel Clark" on my tombstone would be great I think I'd like to live for a while.

What do you guys think, should we do a PPP 3v3 tournament at Wendel's place if he agrees not to kill anyone who shows up?