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Hockey > Soccer In Case You Didn't Know

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Petter Granberg is excited for some hockey, and his middle school dance.
Petter Granberg is excited for some hockey, and his middle school dance.

Finally, the World Cup is over and done with. Just like we do the Monday after the Super Bowl, we can all stop pretending to be interested in the game of football and get back to obsessing over a real sport; hockey. I'll admit that I was one of the sheeple who were drawn towards the World Cup with its glitz, glamour, vuvuzelas, and one name Brazilian players. I analyzed matchups, half assedly partook in a World Cup games prediction league, and watched games as if I knew what was going on. Oh how naive I was.

People say that the games of hockey and soccer are very similar; how very wrong they are. Soccer is some straight up boring shit. Case in point, on their way to World Cup glory, Spain won every elimination match by a score of 1-0. And in all of those game, their earliest goal came at the 63rd minute mark. Halfback passes to wing, passes to center, back to wing, back to center. Center holds it, holds it, holds it.....  Sigh.

What makes hockey so great when compared to every other sport out there is the near nonstop action. Many games experience nearly 10 minutes of nonstop play; no whistles, no phantom fouls, no intentionally playing the ball out of bounds. Just fast passed action, and it's awesome.

Some complain about the fact that the NHL has the longest season of any of the major sports.  Complain? About their being hockey to watch for 9 months out of the year? Are you mental?  Better question, is it September yet?

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