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Introducing PPP Biggest Loser

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Hanging out in the Chatty Cathy today a bunch of commenters on this fair site were discussing starting diets. I suggested we do a riff on The Biggest Loser, an American TV show which per Wikipedia:

The basic premise of the show is that obese people become contestants who are competing to win $250,000 (originally $100,000) by losing the highest percentage of weight.

This first post is to gain the level of interest in losing some weight as a community so that we can not only be smarter and funnier than everyone else but we can also be handsomer / sexier too.

Some initial questions: should there be money placed down for the winner? For a lot of people the monetary motivation will help them stick with dieting. Should we go by largest percentage of lost weight, most weight lost or something fancy like largest BMI change towards "ideal"?