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You CAN Say That on Television

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George Carlin, were he alive, would approve of this ruling
George Carlin, were he alive, would approve of this ruling

This post really only pertains to the United States, but whatever. Hear me out.

Yesterday, a US federal appeals court ruled that the FCC "indecency rule" is unconstitutional. For those of you Canadians who have no idea what I'm talking about. The Federal Communication Council is a group of people with big sticks up their asses who police what people say and do on TV and radio. In short; they're out of touch assholes with too much power. Their indecency rule came about after Bono said fuck during the Golden Globes back in '03, and has been used to issue out fines and other sanctions against stations that slip up and cuss on air. Such horseshit.

Anywho, the Court ruled that the rule is too vague in its wording and therefore cannot be enforced. So what does that mean? Well to me it means that it's open season on swearing on air in the US. So to all you newscasters, radio DJs, and PBS boring people out there; watch this famous George Carlin bit and get to work!

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