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I did little to nothing this weekend aside from relax, visit family and drink beer outside.  It was pretty darned great.  All of this was made better by having my puppy with me when we went out to visit family and drink beer.  Grandma has a massive back yard that backs onto a park so we had a great time playing out there (on a side note, I also discovered that grandma has an outdoor hot tub that needs tending to... hmmm...).  Anyways, puppies are great and make summer weekends even better.  So I share a video of a cute shiba inu puppy above.  One of these days I'll manage to take video of Keiko doing something cute and post it, but today is not that day.  Instead, I just give you what few hockey links I was able to find and plead, again, with Ilya Kovalchuk to sign with the Kings already so that the rest of the NHL can get on with their lives.