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TSN's Free Agent Rankings

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TSN has put up an article about the "best of the rest" ie. remaining UFAs. I really hope "TSN Staff" means this was written by interns.

Jose Theodore, G

Theodore was 30-7-7 with a 2.81 GAA last season - extraordinarily strong numbers - but the Caps seem to be going in the direction of youth.

Extraordinarily strong? Jose Theodore started 43 games and won 30 (69.8%) with a 2.81 GAA. Tied for 32nd in the league with a 2.81 GAA was Mathieu Garon who started 27 games and won 12 (44.4%). Maybe GAA isn't a great indicator of a goaltender's talent?

Theodore finished the season with a decent 0.911 SV% and might be a decent option for a reasonable price, but extraordinarily strong? Tell that to Caps fans.


Lee Stempniak, F

With 48 points last season combined between the Leafs and the Coyotes, the former Maple Leaf really excelled after leaving Toronto and heading to the desert. The 27-year-old native of West Seneca, New York set a career high with 28 goals during the 2009-10 campaign. Stempniak could be a nice piece of the puzzle for a team looking for a secondary scorer; he put up 52 points in 2006-07 with the Blues and has shown moments of brilliance in the years since. He was drafted 148th overall by St. Louis in the 2003 NHL Entry Draft.

Lee Stempniak's shooting percentage in Phoenix: 29.2%.

Lee Stempniak's career shooting percentage: 11%

Lee Stempniak's shooting percentage in the last year of his last contract (2006-2007): 16%.

Lee Stempniak has had a 28 goal year and a 27 goal year both on enormous shooting percentages both on the last year of his contract. Every other year he's averaged 9.4% shooting and 14 goals.

Alexei Ponikarovsky, F

Poni's best season came in 2008-09, when he registered 23 goals and 38 assists for Toronto. His perceived inconsistency with that team was a frustrating point for fans, who saw Ponikarovsky put up as few as 28 points (in 2003-04) or as many as 61 (in '08-'09).

Ponikarovsky's 03-04 season was his first full campaign in the NHL. He had mad spot appearances with the Leafs before that playing 41 games spread over three seasons.

Since then he's steadily improved as a player. I guess TSN thinks players whose points increase almost every year "inconsistent".

Glove tap to 1967ers for pointing out the Ponikarovsky example.