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Thank you, Bettman

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So this off-season, until recently, had been shaping up as one of the most painful, boring off-seasons I could remember.  Last year there was a flurry of free agent signings, interesting trades (I still can't believe the Habs gave up their best prospect for Gomez), and optimism around the Leafs.  This year, the UFA market was pretty boring (although I should thank the Sens for their outrageous Gonchar signing), the Leafs' only UFA signing a questionable one (I miss the headiness of KOMIKAZI!!!!1), and the only trades that have happened were because the Blackhawks had to dump massive amounts of salary to be able to ice a team next year (thanks for Versteeg, BTW).

Then, the Kovalchuk saga ended... until Gary Bettman waded into it.  Suddenly, Bob McKenzie was tweeting from a Kid Rock concert and everyone who's put their blog on summer holiday was back to their computer.  All of this has made finding FTB links far more fun and much easier.  I'm no longer scraping the bottom of the barrel for something interesting to post for you guys.  So today, I tip my hat to Gary Bettman in thanks for giving people something to write about.  Links are below.