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My Conversation with a Not-So-Clever Bot

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So who remembers back in the mid to late 90s when AIM released a bunch of "smart" bot accounts that you could "converse" with for a laugh? Good times had by all, let me tell you what. Well now there is a new smart chat bot on the scene; a clever bot if you will. It's name is, well Cleverbot.

It's got a rudimentary A.I. system built in to it and will learn better and better responses to questions asked by judging the reply it gets from the user. Pretty neat stuff, though still with a lot of kinks to be worked out. Seeing as how there are a lot of questions about the Leafs and the NHL in general, I decided to have Cleverbot answer them for me. Here we go.

SF: What do you think will happen with Kovalchuk?

Cleverbot: You will die.

SF: Why? Will his signing with New Jersey bring about the apocalypse?

Cleverbot: Just the people who eat the chicken.

SF: So the people who eat chicken shall be the ones to perish once Kovalchuk signs with New Jersey?

Cleverbot: Come up with soemthing that contains these words - dog, cat, aether, taffy, and make them into a pie.

SF: O_o

Cleverbot: Who is calling please?

SF: Apparently I'm the one calling but no one is home.

It was at this point that I realized Cleverbot had no useful insight about what was going to happen with Kovalchuk, or really insight on anything of matter all. If you wish to follow Cleverbot on twitter, it's account can be found here.

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