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Why I hate Kevin Bieksa

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So right now, as I write this, I'm in a bad mood.  Just kinda frustrated with everything, really.  So I decided to take out this frustration on a favourite target of mine, Kevin Bieksa.  I guess it starts at the fact that his appearance for the Canucks coincided with a bad final season for one of my favourite NHL defenseman, Ed Jovanovksi.  I have no idea why I loved Jovo so much - maybe because he was like a better Bryan McCabe - but he was one of my favourite non-Leafs.  Of course, the year I moved to Vancouver he was injured for most of the season, but when he did play I really enjoyed watching him.  He took a lot of risks but was exciting on the ice.  He really made the Canucks go.  Anyways, while he was injured, Bieksa finally got his shot at the NHL and seemed to make the most of it.  Everyone said it was time to let Jovo walk as a UFA and sign Bieksa who looked like a younger version of Jovanovski.  So that's exactly what happened - Dave Nonis let Jovo walk and this new, undrafted kid who had one good season got an extension.
Anyways, that's where everything went wrong.  After causing Vancouver to run one of my favourite players out of town, Bieksa became a smug jerk.  He started being lazy.  He suffered a really bad cut to the back of his leg, and was out for a while.  When he finally came back, he seemed lazier still.  After the whole Shane O'Brien scoring into his own net debacle - and the fact that the Canucks defense just isn't that good - I thought it was understandable for fans to be scared whenever the puck was heading towards their net and Bieksa lackadaisically skated back to retrieve it.  One night, while at a game, Bieksa was doing this again, and the crowd started to get on him.  What did he do?  He looked up, waived his hand at the crowd, and continued merrily on his way.
It was at that moment that my dislike for Bieksa became hate.  Be lazy, make excuses, be delusional, but respect the fans.  Never, ever waive the fans off.  Ass.  I can't wait for Gillis to trade his ass for spare parts so I don't have to hear from Bieksa fans in this city again.

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