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Finally, PPP Comes Back to PPP

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I got a lot of sun.
I got a lot of sun.

Well, this day had to come. The European Jaunt has ended. Places were visited, pictures were taken, and much delicious food was consumed. Now I need to be home for a rest. Instead, I get to hammer out my Maple Leafs Annual piece (spoiler alert: the magazine's going to be awesome) before heading up north to wreck any chance of relaxing repose.

I haven't managed to make my way around all of the posts and fanposts but I'm working on it. I didn't get any e-mails about any disasters which is good. Looks like things ticked over just fine in my absence which is a testament to Karina and SkinnyFish's ability to perform under both the good and the crazy cop. That 10th podcast is pretty damn good so if you haven't listened to it you should. Although with this tan there is no way that MC79 is more handsome than I am. .

Doesn't seem like the Leafs did much while I was gone. Saw the Kovalchuk news while on the ship which left me curious about why the league would decide to make a stand on these joke years on contracts on this one. Since when do they ever stand up to Loophole Lou?

Update: Thanks for the birthday wishes. I just saw the #ThingsPPPDoesOnHisBirthday and it was hilarious. Cheers.

If you are new and joined while I was out, welcome. - If anyone tracks these things…
It's sometimes comforting to think that other fans deal with a worse group of mittenstringers.

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Dog tags? Sigh.

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Didn't quite get what he expected eh?

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Lots of great pictures including this one of a Leaf great.

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In case you were curious.

Daily Herald | Hawks rookies to play in Toronto tournament
Stupid London gets all of the cheap stuff. Fits in with UWO I guess.

Capturing the Captaincy; Marlies Front-Runners " Maple Leafs Hot Stove
When they name the captain I hope MLSE doesn't try to co-opt real Marlies' history. More than they already do that is.

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I wonder how Bettman can ruin a seemingly good situation...

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Why didn't this get sorted in the 17 days I was away?

VINTAGE LEAF MEMORIES: The calm before the storm?
I came to the zen realisation that there is nothing coming. This is the team. Embrace it. - Blowhard Roundup
I'm getting depressed.