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No tickets for me

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Komi and Schenn via Zebriana on <a href="">flickr</a>  800 BABIES
Komi and Schenn via Zebriana on flickr 800 BABIES

So did anyone from PPP here get some of those Fan First tickets yesterday?  There were some awesome pictures on twitter from Leafspace Monika, Chansler and a few others of the crowds forming at each location where tickets were being handed out.  If I still lived in Toronto I would've been there for sure.  I guess I'll have to take my chances on getting tickets for the only Leafs game here in Vancouver again next year. Too bad though, I hear that Versteeg and Armstrong were getting a photo shoot done and the Komisarek showed up at some point.  I've still never actually met a Leaf player.  Oh, and if you aren't on twitter, Komisarek (@mkomisarek) and Armstrong (@armdog) have some sort of bet going on about who will be the first one to 10,000 followers.  I guess we could help them out.

Hockey news is pretty sparse with these arbitration hearings going on, so here are the few links I could find today.