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Saturday Afternoon FTB

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Well I know that Skinnyfish is away but I'm not sure what else is going on in everyone else's lives, so I thought I'd throw up an FTB so we can move discussion on free agency, our cap overage last year, and other things to one place.  I think the re-signing of Mitchell was actually a pretty interesting move - he was likely to get $1 million plus in arbitration and somehow Burke/Nonis were able to allow him to go to UFA status and re-sign at a very palatable number.  If Mitchell can prove that he can be a valuable part of the team this coming season, where the Leafs should be improved, he'll probably get that $1 million plus next summer.
In the meantime... we still need more goals.  It seems pretty unlikely that we'll be singing Kovalchuk, I'm fairly certain we won't be in on the Gagne trade, and who knows what we'll get in return for Kaberle.  With it being the 4th of July weekend, I do not expect there to be anything significant happen this weekend.  My hunch is also that we'll see Kaberle traded before any more forwards are signed from the Free Agent pool. 
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