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Happy 4th of July!

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Be sure to blow something up if you are American because it is your God-given duty to be a walking-talking stereotype at least one day a year. Otherwise the rest of the world might have to consider that they are only ever exposed to the worst on offer. Oh, and contrary to his initial interview, looks like Everyone Loves Colby might have taken less to sign in Toronto. Anyway, some links to read in between barbecuing and third degree burns:

Video: Top 10 Kris Versteeg moments with the Blackhawks - Puck Daddy
To call him a character is an understatement.

Vintage Leaf Memories
Random musings on the past could of days.

Tough Times: Leafs Looking at Afinogenov " maple stir-up
This is one way of getting some more offence in the line-up. At the end of the day, it comes down to price tag. After a good year in Atlanta I doubt it's in line with what the Leafs have.

Pisani waits for a call | myOilers | Edmonton Sun
This is a guy i wouldn't have minded the Leafs trying to bring in around $1M to kill penalties and play tough minutes. Hope he catches on somewhere.

Need Clichéd Reasoning And Hockey Bromides? Mike Brophy Is Your Man! | Hockey or Die
Mike Brophy stinks, water is wet, cliches are fun.

Know Your Enemy " Maple Leafs Hot Stove
A look at the changes in the Northeast.

What to expect from Versteeg | Hockey Analysis
Looks a lot like Ponikarovsky which is great.

Who is Burke targeting in Kaberle trade? | Hockey Analysis
Where are the goals going to come from?