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Back to the grind

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Well that was a great four day weekend.  I did little to nothing.  I could really use more weekends like that, I had way too much sleep to catch up on.  Oh and we tried this new chinese restaurant down the street from us.  What a gong show.  It just opened up maybe 3 weeks ago and we never see anyone in there.  We found out why yesterday.  The waitress brought us tea as we looked at the menu, in styrofoam cups.  Then our food came out one dish at a time - probably almost ten minutes from the first to the last (we only ordered 3) and she gave us styrofoam plates to eat from.  Oh yeah and one plastic fork each!  Unbelievable.  The food wasn't bad, but it was a bit pricey so we won't be going back.  What a terrible restaurant.  What's the worst place you've eaten?

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