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A Tribute to Truculence

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Getty Images/NHLI

Yesterday the hockey world received some shocking news: Bob Probert had died at the young age of 45.  Now, Probert was never a Leaf, but he sure resonates to Leaf fans.  He played on two bitter rivals in the Norris Division - the Red Wings and the Blackhawks.  From our own Wendel Clark:

"Probert was a guy respected throughout the league," said former Leaf captain Wendel Clark, who had his run-ins with Probert through parallel careers. "It was how he played. The great thing about Bob is how he played, he improved his game. He became more than just a fighter. He scored. He played a regular shift. He did a lot of things.

"He was tough guy who played smart hockey." - Toronto Star

When a tough opponent like Wendel pays you respect, you know you've earned it.  I've split up today's links into to: Probert and non-Probert, so that those of you who want to learn about him, as I did last night, can get a sampling of some of the best stories written upon his death.  Condolences to his family, and thanks to a player whose life was not as easy as most, but who made an incredible impression on everyone he played with, and against.  Feel free to share your favourite memories in the comments, or any stories I have missed that are worthwhile.

RIP Bob Probert.

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