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Due to the extreme nature of the Brett Lebda signing (apparently) I think we need to do a roll call this morning, to make sure everyone's still with us.  I got a little worried that maybe someone had run to the Bloor Viaduct in response to the signing of a depth defenseman.  This was clearly a life-changing moment for a few of the Leaf fans here.  I mean, last night's initial reaction thread actually saw mf37 and Steve Burtch agreeing so maybe it is the end of the world.  My personal reaction is more of the "meh" category, but that doesn't seem to be shared by many.  Anyways, if you would be so kind as to check in, let me know how you're doing, that'd be great.  I'd hate to see anyone lose their marbles over $1.45 million dollars (oh, BTW, he got a $100,000 bonus for signing yesterday). 
So, everyone on board?  Good good.  Here's your links!