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Lebda Lebda Lebda!

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That's a Brady Bunch reference. If you didn't get it because you never watched the Brady Bunch, then I hate you.

Feel free to replace Lebda with Lebron if you so choose, but it's a hockey blog so, ya know.

Last night the national nightmare came to an end as Lebron James declared that he's chosen to play for the Miami Heat with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. Whoop dee freaking doo.  Basketball is a terrible sport and the NBA and its CBA are so convoluted that they are a joke. If you think the NHL CBA is difficult to understand, then don't even begin to think about the NBA's; you'll go cross-eyed.

But more so than their insane salary cap and the rules that come with it, I cannot stand the sport itself.  Let me tell you the top 5 reasons I dislike NBA basketball:

5) Weak ass fouls. These are the biggest athletes on the planet and a foul can be as light as a slap on the wrist. Seriously? You're seven feet tall! Deal with it gigantor. People get knocked the fuck out in hockey on clean routine plays.

4) Why is it that if a player who shoots, get fouled and still makes the bucket get additional free throws? He made his original shot; must not have been fouled that bad. And even if he was, why his he being rewarded for doing it while being fouled? If you get tripped on a breakaway in hockey and score, you don't a penalty shot on top of that.

3) The last 2 minutes of the game takes 20 minutes in real time to play.  This stems from teams getting 5 timeouts a half and the fact that they save them all for the end of the game. There is absolutely no sense of urgency for a spectator. It sucks.

2) Defense in my NBA? I don't think so. Some people claim that there is defense in basketball, but when games end with the score routinely at say 90-80, that means that the winning team only score on 4 more possessions than the losing team. What a manhandling!

1) They play music over the loud speaker during play. Seriously, find a game and give a listen. You'll hear the Black Eyed Peas or random other sports anthems beings played as the game is actually going on. In hockey, once the puck is dropped, arenas cut out the sound so the fans and players can hear what's happening. You gotta think that as an NBA player that the music hinders one's ability to hear instructions and play callouts. Plus it's just stupid.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours? Links after the jump.

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