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10 Ways to Help Make the Barilkosphere a Better Place

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What the hell's a Barilkosphere?
What the hell's a Barilkosphere?

Talking with some of the old guard around these parts, its become clear that a set of ground rules need to be established when it comes to posting, commenting, tweeting and blogging.  Now PPP has posted the rules of the road a few times; but I want to go a little deeper into what is and isn't acceptable behavior. I figure since everyone likes lists, I'll go with one of those.

1 - Please never refer to NHL10 or its ilk for things such as potential trades, game outcomes, or coaching decisions. They're video games; not some tool to be used for "insider knowledge".

2 - When talking about players, coaches, GMs, owners, etc... leave personal attacks out of your argument for or against them. That's great that you think Ron Wilson is a dick. Thanks for adding so much to the conversation. PPP's Note: Also, Wilson is a dick. Everyone knows that. Hell, some of us have had players or acquaintances tell us that.

3 - Give credit where credit is due and don't plagiarize what others have written. That crap may fly at Bleacher Report, but we don't take kindly to it round these parts.

4 - You don't have to love thy neighbor, but you should at least respects them. Personal attacks of a derogatory manner on other users are unwelcome.

5 - Fact check. Please for the love of all that is holy, check out the facts before making bold statements. It's fine to get the details of a stat or trade wrong; but when you make an false argument based on belief instead of fact you just end up sounding like a moron.

6 - Don't be a troll. All are welcome here, and that most definitely includes non-Leafs fans. Just remember that this is a Leafs blog and that Chemmy loves to swing the banhammer at those who don't respect that.

7 - It's the internet, and despite what the cat may tell you, it's really not that serious of a business. I mean, 95% of it is porn for goodness sake. No sense in getting worked up about what somebody said "on the internet". Before you get PO'd to the point of hysterics, try closing your browser for a while. PPP's Note: I recommend stepping away from the conversation for a few minutes.

8 - The previous being said, be open to other view points and opinions. Acknowledge the fact that what you think may indeed be wrong. Be open to the possibility of having your beliefs changed if someone makes a clear and concise argument to the contrary.

9 - Just because somebody is paid to do something doesn't make them the supreme authority on that matter. It's perfectly alright to criticize the actions of the MSM, MLSE executives, and players. Just be sure to do so while adhering to the points above.

10 - Have fun. If you're not having fun discussing hockey on the internet, then don't.

PPP's Bonus Points

11 - If you hate discussing stats then don't. Simple as. Don't jump into stats posts/discussions to say that you hate them.

12 - Remember that we're all on the same team...mostly. Responding with "Well cheer for someone else" is as useless as a screen door on a submarine.

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