"Monster loaded for a difficult year"

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Jonas Gustavsson can look back on an unusually eventful year.
This summer has been more quiet.
It will help him to a better season this year.

Last summer Jonas Gustavsson was one of the most written about hockey players in the world. Numerous NHL clubs were interested.

More relaxing summer

The rumours of him were followed by the media and the day before he was presented as a Toronto player, he had hundreds of missed calls on his phone. This year things have been more calm. In April he signed a contract extension with Toronto, which has allowed him to be able to focus on a new season in one of the world's most hockey mad cities undisturbed.

"This year, it was great to get a bit calmer and more relaxed summer and be able to get up on everything that happens and know that you have everything ready over there, that you have an appartment and everything else fixed. Now I just go over there and prepare myself for the game and don't have to think about everything that happens around," says Gustavsson recognizing that last summer there was lots of going on in his head.

No secrets

But now he avoids the heavy thoughts. Now all the focus is on taking the next step in hockey career. And he knows what it takes.

"Just work as hard as you can, continue the same way. Then you get to see how far it takes you. It may be enough to take you very far, or it shows you don't have much left in tank (has reached one's full potential already), it's always very difficult to say. There are no secrets in getting far You just have to work as hard as you can in trainings and give yourself the chance to get there."

Gustavsson now faces his second year in the NHL. A second year which many tends to say to be the most difficult.  Gustavsson is aware of this.

"What I can think that can be dangerous is that everything is not new and exciting in the same way. So maybe sometimes you have to fight a bit more to find the energy. The first year we just floated on a cloud and got to travel to new places you've never been to. Now you've been in all places and played against all top players, so now you perhaps are not as excited maybe when you come to a place," he says, and continues:

"You have to find yourways to be loaded for a match. At the same time people know how you play, so it might be easier for them to scout me."

He isn't t too concerned about problems with "the difficult second year '.

"They said that in the Elitserien (Swedish Elite League) as well, but there my second year was much better than the first." is a fan community that allows members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Toronto Maple Leafs and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editor of