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Is it really only Wednesday? Ugh....

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Brad Ross with the weirdest little pouty face and mini soul patch.
Brad Ross with the weirdest little pouty face and mini soul patch.

Yeah, I uh was going to write something creative here but instead I played Halo: Reach for six hours and between that, organizing a squirt hockey team and getting my med school application together, my brain is a bit fried.

Here be your links.

How do you say "No Coach Wilson, I'm not playing defense." in German?

AM640 tells us how Mueller hated having to once play defense.

The Bloge Salming Podcast with Gus Katsaros

Covering the ins and outs of fantasy hockey at the Leafs.

The SBNation NHL Power Rankings

Go ahead, get excited about 11th place. In the conference that is.

Fun suggestions for Ottawa's All-Star weekend

Somebody's been channeling DGB and it's paid off.

Drafting the top Leafs prospect under 24

MLHS and Gus Katsaros go one and one picking the kids.

Who is the Leafs' big line of the future?

VLM ponders that while looking at famous trios of the past.

The NHL modifies the tie-breaker for the playoffs

Now, shootout wins will be subtracted from overall wins to determine who goes to the dance.

Morning Additions

Old man wendelman had some stream problems

No, not the kind you can fix with Flowmax.