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Journalistic Ethics?

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There is a stunningly out of touch, obtuse, and painfully stupid article by Bruce Dowbiggin in the Globe and Mail that I'll address tomorrow that is a paint by numbers assault on bloggers. One of the overarching theme addressed is, of course, journalistic ethics. Now, before you cough up your coffee all over your computer screen at the laughable supposition that journalists have any sort of monopoly over ethical behaviour or that they are uniformly ethical in their actions let's look at a local case that has raised some eyebrows.

Which brings me to the point of this quick post. Joe Warmington, of the Toronto Sun, has an article up today that has quotations from Richard Peddie's speech to the Canadian Club of Toronto. What's the surprise? Well, the speech won't be given for another half hour and Joe Warmington mentions that he received an advance copy. A quick scan of the other dailies seems to indicate that he was the only one that received it. Of course, he could have been the only one that thought it newsworthy however The Sun does have a track record of breaking stories that seemingly could only come from inside sources. Wonder if this is a quid pro quo for previous services rendered. Update: Or if it was a thank you for his staunch defence of the blue and white. 

It would be interesting to know just how Warmington came about this story so that we could make a decision on whether to trust anything Warmington writes about the Leafs going forward. I guess it's just ethical to hide those relationships.