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Damo Don't Know Jack # 2945

What could possibly make a man lose all of his hair? Gotta ask the question.
What could possibly make a man lose all of his hair? Gotta ask the question.

Neate Sager, a fellow Queen's alum, passed along the following from the excellent The CIS Blog (don't call it 'a' CIS Blog) run by another Queen's alum Andrew Bucholtz which, if you have any interest in Canadian University sport, you should be reading. Some of you who have not been banned because you disagree with Damien or because you made a joke that went way over his head may have noticed that Damien Cox had some issues with Hayley Wickenheiser's decision to return to the University of Calgary.

As is par for the course, he had the story completely wrong:

This'll be fun. The Star's Damien Cox is displeased with Hayley Wickenheiser's decision to play for the University of Calgary because she's too old but really because he has a "sneaking suspicion" that it's not about getting an education. Yet today we learn that Danielle Goyette's "main goal was" (wait for it...) "to get her to go back to school" and so pitched Calgary to Wickenheiser by emphasizing "the merits of going back to school to finish her degree." Wickenheiser is apparently about halfway through her Bachelor of Kinesiology, which she started at, yes, the University of Calgary in the late 90s. Now she wants to complete it. So unless I'm mistaken, I think Cox's suspicion just sneaked out the door. Thanks for playing, though. (Canadian Press and U of C)

Highlights from the CP article:

At 32, Wickenheiser will be almost a decade older than her Dino teammates. She has over a year remaining on her kinesiology degree and hopes to one day go to medical school. She's never played university hockey before, so she has five years of eligibility in the CIS.
Her son Noah is in school and Pacina is a hockey coach. Wickenheiser wanted her family to remain in Calgary after an exhausting Olympic year. She felt the time wasn't right to explore a return to men's pro leagues in Europe.

Dear God! She wants to go to medical school and is completing her degree at a university near her family? What a monster. I bet she really just wants to crush some high schooler's dream. But hey, Cox has gotta ask the question right?