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Working Out The Kinks

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Well, that was your first real game day of the season. It wasn't the greatest in terms of outcome but it was definitely good ot be back in the swing of things. Here's the basic routine that we'll follow:

  1. 7am will be the From The Branches links post. Here's where all of your hockey talk for the day can go. Share links in here to any news you find around the internet or any of your posts that get missed because we secretly hate you.
  2. Sometime during the day depending on how life goes will see the Leaf of the Day posted by 1967ers. These are like that cool history course that never fit in your schedule.
  3. Sometime in the early-ish afternoon Chemmy will write a preview in which he will belittle the Leafs' opponents, their families, their fans, their owners, their neighbours, and whoever else may in some way be affiliated with them. The Carolina games are especially fun because they stole his team.
  4. 30 minutes before puck drop the Game Day Thread will be posted by Wrap. Don't comment in all of the other posts going "Is this the game day thread?" because it's not.
  5. Sometime around 2am, when you are all commented out in the post-game thread, the game recap will be posted by PPP.

Non-game days will have a bit of a different feel and we'll cover those on Monday since that'll be the first one we have to endure. Onto the links:

Ron Wilson failed chemistry in high school

Blue Chip Prospects thinks improving team chemistry this year should be at the forefront of Wilson's plan.

Nazem Kadri doesn't know how to make a Sens Sandwich.

You're not the meat; you're supposed to be the other bun.

Sens shutout the Leafs 5-0

Yeah, that was ugly.

Old man wendelman (love you) looks at how he'll judge the coaches come season's end

Also, check out his prorated stats for last season pre and post Phaneuf trade.

LeafsHQ with a period by period breakdown of last night's game of zero significance.

Yeah, it was ugly.

Junior catalogs his emotions while watching last night's game

Somebody needs to call the PPP Suicide Hotline

The 5-0 loss has the general in need of some Viagra

Christian Hanson make Brian Lee bite some ice

That's how you put on the foil kid!

Did ego get in the way of signing the speedster Sweatt?

VLM asks the question about a potential misjudgment by the Leafs

Goalie Guild Rates The Goalies

Justin Goldman passes his scouting notes on Jonas Gustavsson and Jussi Rynnas