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Leafs vs Flyers: The Punchening

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7PM ET: Leafs TV, NHL-N (US)

So far the Leafs have punched faces all game every game. Tonight they'll be playing a team that also likes to punch faces as opposed to one that prefers to turtle or hide in the dressing room for an entire period (sup Lessard?).

The game takes place in London tonight in front of what should be a pro-Leafs crowd despite the NHL's assurance that we're the away team.

We'll see the return of the Versteeg - Kadri - Armstrong line while Luca Caputi will be in the lineup looking to build on a great game last night. Colton Orr gets the night off but Jay Rosehill and Mike Brown are in centered by Christian Hanson.

The full lines from Mirtle's Leafs Beat are after the jump.


Versteeg - Kadri - Armstrong
Caputi - Brent - Mueller
Hamilton - Irwin - Boyce
Rosehill - Hanson - Brown


Beauchemin - Schenn
Lebda - Holzer
Lashoff - Richmond