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Leafs 2 - Flyers 2: Overtime and Post Game

Holy Crap I love Versteeg.  What amazing puck control.  I can't wait to see what he does in the regular season.  I was also very impressed by Reimer, and I liked what I saw from Caputi again tonight.  Kadri started to pick it up... when he was given AHLers for wingers.  So I'm not sure what that means.

As well, Lebda left with an injury so maybe Finger gets to play now. Schenn had an up and down game, I'm glad we aren't needing him to play as our top shut down defenseman anymore, but man was his hit on Hartnell awesome.  Also, Danny Richmond was a revelation tonight, I didn't know he was so offensive.

And here's our first OT game of pre-season...