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Flyers at Leafs: Santa Kess is Coming to Town

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7PM ET: Leafs TV

There's basically no media coverage for these games; last night's 3-2 SO stunner doesn't have the rosters or shots on goal available from for example. Luckily our Toronto beat reporters are dishing out the lines. The biggest news is up front Kulemin will be off the first line and replaced with Kris Versteeg. It'll be interesting to see two players who can dangle with the best of them on the same line. If they click at all it could get out of hand really quickly.

J.S. Giguere gets the start and likely plays the whole game tonight. If Philly travelled with a light roster it's likely that save for the addition of Mike Richards there won't be much added on their team while we'll have brought our starting defence minus Francois Beauchemin and Luke Schenn, both of whom looked steady last night, and our first two lines.

This will also mark the debut of Keith Aulie (did you know he saved his dad from falling into a frozen lake?) as a Maple Leafs. Described as a "wookie on skates" Aulie's a big boy and a lot of us have been waiting to see him play. Full lines via Leafs Beat after the jump.


Versteeg, Bozak, Kessel

Kulemin, Grabovski, MacArthur

Hamilton, Brent, Crabb

Orr, Primeau, Brown



Gunnarsson Phaneuf

Kaberle Komisarek

Aulie Gysbers



Giguere (starter)