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Sabres at Leafs - We Missed Lalime

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7PM ET: Leafs TV, NHL Network

In the reverse of Saturday night's game the Leafs will be icing most of their opening night roster while the Sabres are bringing along their prospects.

Personally I'm impressed the Leafs kids hung on and only lost 3-1 to a full Sabres roster; we lose 3-1 to Buffalo behind Ryan Miller all the time - that it happened with our AHLers can only be a cause for optimism.

From Sabres Edge comes the news that Tyler Ennis will be attending to family matters and Patrick Lalime will start in net for the Sabres. Leafs lineup after the jump.


From Eat.Sleep.Leafs:
Versteeg Bozak Kessel
Kulemin Grabovski MacArthur
Caputi Brent Armstrong
Orr Hanson Brown
Beauchemin Phaneuf
Kaberle Komisarek
Gunnarsson Schenn