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The Perfect Storm

No, I'm not talking about Hurricane Earl and the fact that it should hit my area of the Eastern seaboard this evening, I'm talking about Twitter. If there are three things I love; it's hockey, old school hip hop, and internet memes. Therefore, yesterday's #80shiphopfantasyteamnames on Twitter was like a godsend. In case you missed it, here were some of my favorites.

Biz Mark Eaton

Public Niemi

Funky Cold Kubina

Streit Outta Compton

Doughty by Nature

Wu Toews Clan

Easy E5

Good time were had by all. Definitely forces me to up my game and improve on my fantasy hockey team from last year; Datsyuk My Ball. If you want to join up this year, then fill out the PPP Phantasy Puck Phorm. And hurry because space is running out.

Links after the jump.

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Come for the insight but stay for the cartoon.

Coaches who are sitting on the hot seat

Ron Wilson makes ESPN's list.

Boston legends Cam Neely (Sea Bass), Jack Parker (YAY!), and Jerry York (boo!) win Lester Patrick award.

This one was for Chemmy.

Dion Phaneuf's 2010-11 Preview

Leafs Nation Online covers the Captain.

Kadri confident he can play with the big boy

Every time he opens his mouth, I love the kid more and more.

Glenn Healey was a midget.

Vintage Leafs with some big and small photo goodness.

The best hairstyles in sports with hockey making 6 appearances.

Bill Flett - What a guy. What great hair.

A well written article (Part 1) on the MSM blogger debate

Jeff Little of The Hockey Writers weighs in.