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PPPPP Registration Is Now Closed

Why is it closed you ask? Well because we've gotten over 100 participants for 6 leagues. You people are crazy for fantasy hockey!

If you have filled out the form, it means you're in. Look for a post on Tuesday detailing what league you are in and who your commissioner will be. Be sure that you have a Yahoo! account as that's whose fantasy site we will be using. I will probably be sending out a few emails to some of you asking if you wouldn't mind joining another type of league, or to be a commissioner.

Also, if the numbers don't work out, I will reopen registration on a first come, first served basis until the numbers are even.

If you didn't get in this year, email PPP (link at the bottom of this page) with your SBNation username and email address with the subject line "Fantasy Hockey Waitlist" and you'll go to the top of the list for next year.  (Editor's note: that idea is stupid. There will be spots in all leagues available. If you still want to play keep checking the site for openings. People won't register for some spots and there are some divisions that have lots of openings.)

Thanks all and good luck! (Unless you are in my league.)