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I'll be Brief

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Not a whole lot to talk about right now.  The ACC staff laid down the base layers of the ice surface yesterday.  Kovalchuk's contract was approved by the NHL after the league and PA negotiated new conditions on long-term contracts.  College football kicks into high gear today.  The Rookie Tournament is a week away.  Hockey is just around the corner folks.


Links after the jump.


Saturday links:

A behind the scenes look at the Kovalchuk negotiations

D G B.

Reports: NHL to Approve Ilya Kovalchuk Contract with New Jersey Devils

ILWT looks at the Kovalchuk deal.

Tomas Kaberle 2010-2011 Preview

Leafs Nation Online continues the season preview series.

Say What?

Leafs HQ with a round-up of talk around the league.

Marlies prospects in 2010-2011: Forwards

MLHS looks at, well, the Marlies forward prospects.

Friday Youtube Yoinkage

Loser Domi.  Need I say more?

Bill Derlago

Maple Leafs Legends looks at the former center.

Some things we hear before and during every training camp--it's part of the fun

Vintage Leaf Memories examines repeating storylines of Buds training camp.


Sorry for the lack of substance today folks.  Missed your link?  Throw it in the comments.