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I'm a bad mofo.
I'm a bad mofo.

Nothing happened. Deceptions disagrees:

How about 1963 when two Swedes arrived for training camp. Carl Oeberg and goalie Kjell Svensson travelled to attend the camp in Peterborough and then continued with the club as they played exhibition games out west. They returned to Sweden after figuring it wasn’t worthwhile to give up their amateur status to ride the buses in the minors.

In 1966 Carl Brewer, with lawyer Alan Eagleson at his side, announced his intention of turning amayeur and playing for the national team.

The following year Mike Walton, Bob Pulford Tim Horton and Brian Conacher refused to report to training camp unless they had signed contracts. The action taken was to establish the authority of the newly formed NHL Players Association.

Ok, maybe that's a little harsh. Damien Cox got owned by Capitals owner Ted Leonsis on the latter's, get this, blog. Cox proceeded to have another one of his patented twitter meltdowns. Shocking. It's rather amazing to watch someone spew so much criticism, yet can't take a drop of it himself.

Brad Ross, the Leafs second round draft pick from this past June, managed to get himself kicked out of a preseason tilt with the Soo Greyhounds after collecting (stick tap to Jeff Marek) six penalties through two periods. 'Atta boy Brad!

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