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Beware the Overlords

So Chemmy and PPP are pretty cool, right?  They wield their Barilkosphere power in clever, responsible and entertaining ways.  PPP gets his nose broken trying to defend women from soccer hooligans and Chemmy starts amazing campaigns like #ThrowTheSnake.  But what happens when our Overlords combine their power to roast an NHLer on twitter?  That's what happened when #DanEllisProblems started... and it has resulted a real problem: the demise of Dan Ellis' twitter account.  Now it's not really our Overlords' fault that Dan Ellis has had to shut down his account... what he posted was pretty stupid and if he'd been able to see where his critics were coming from, it probably would've smoothed over.  But apparently his new team, the Tampa Bay Lightning were unhappy with all the negativity surrounding their new goalie and, rather than try to learn from his mistakes, Ellis has decided it's just easier to stop tweeting.  I think this is pretty sad, not because of the criticism that had been leveled his way (frankly I think if you're a celebrity of any kind you have to develop a thick skin and get some PR training) but because there are not enough NHLers on twitter who actually interact with their fans.  At least we've been getting some more Leafs on twitter... I have hope that BOZAK will start interacting with the fans.  At least we have BizNasty back!

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