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Brian Burke to Hire Kevin Costner to Take Care of So-Called Untouchables

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Burke's Reach His Point of There Being No Untouchables - As predicted by Vintage Leaf Memories

My point at the time, in part, was that if the season didn’t go as hoped, he may eventually be reduced to using the classic line about "no one being untouchable".  Why?  Well, he had/has already turned over almost the entire roster.  He must remain steadfast in his loyal support of Wilson as his coach going forward.  That’s how Burke operates.

So, if your team was expected to be better (and the Leaf brass made it clear months ago that it was going to be) and your coach is not the problem— and you have already had Dave Nonis go inside the room and say you believe in the team—what else is left to say, if things don't get better, other then to proclaim "the players aren’t untouchable"?

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