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Leafs at Kings: Up All Night

10:30 ET: Leafs TV
James Reimer vs. Jonathan Quick

Going to be a quick preview before a late game; but James Reimer is headed back to the Marlies tomorrow. Perhaps this is good. If Reimer plays well tonight he'll go back to the Marlies knowing he can play in the NHL. If he gets beaten by a good team tonight he knows that his trip down had nothing to do with only one game.

Reimer's played very well in limited minutes. It's hard to say he'll be this good all season because with his numbers he couldn't be. Who knows what he'd do over a full season of starts? Could he be the #1 starter the Leafs need? Maybe. Could he be a flash in the pan? Maybe. All we know is that he's played well so far: a good start.

Colby Armstrong  is likely a game time decision based on his cornea, but as of now he's still in. Hope he keeps rocking the stunner shades.

The Kings have one win in their past six games but beat Columbus 6-4 in their last game. Jonathan Quick has a sparkly 0.921. After the Leafs uncharacteristic 15 goals in their past two games it seems likely that tonight that total comes way way down. Let's hope this isn't the night that Reimer torches his 0.947.