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Flames at Leafs: Giguere's Back

Jean-Sebastien Giguere
vs Miikka Kiprusoff

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Calgary Flames
@ Toronto Maple Leafs

Saturday, Jan 15, 2011, 7:00 PM EST
Air Canada Centre

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Giggy returns from his extended injury rest (thanks to the stellar play of rookie James Reimer) tonight. Giguere's had plenty of time to recuperate and the Leafs will need him to re-find his game. It was around this time last year that Giguere showed up in Toronto and put up two consecutive shutouts to end the Toskala era.

The big difference between Giguere and a stiff like Toskala is that Giguere knows he's not performing up to expectations and isn't getting in the way of our developing goaltending prospects.

The Leafs have called up Marcel Muller with Mike Brown suspended, Fredrik Sjostrom nursing a hangnail and Kris Versteeg out with "mystery ailment". Muller's a 6'3" rookie described thusly:

In my books, Marcel Mueller is by far the most improved from season's start. Lots of credit can be given to his focus and dedication. - Clayton Hansler

The Leafs won a bunch of games on their road trip before finally falling in Phoenix but it's easy to see that when Reimer was giving the team .950 goaltending and getting goal support why that would be the case.

Are the Leafs on an upswing? Let's hope so.