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Luke Schenn Meets PPP ('s Questions)

Separated at birth?
Separated at birth?

Toronto Maple Leafs fans suffer like no one else. Whether it's because of terrible teams, jealous opposition fans, or the reality of pursuing a title in a 30-team league we've had more downs than ups. The truth is that being a sports fan with even a passible sense of loyalty is tough. Everything about teams is transient except for the fans. Players move around so much that their concept of 'we' is of their families not of their team. Management tears down and rebuilds (to some extent) every half-decade but it is only the fans that have to live with the results of those decisions every day. With us in mind, VISA has unveiled their Hockey Love Hurts which rewards fans that declare their loyalty and use their credit card (there's always a catch).

However, there's no catch in what they've offered us: VISA is giving the community a chance to ask Our Luke and Saviour some questions. All you need to do is post a comment here with something you want to ask Luke Schenn, I'll pick 10-15 of the best, pass them along to VISA, and they'll send us back a video with his answers. The cherry on top is that I'll draw for a $50 VISA gift card.

Have at it. After the jump, there's a transcript of our fateful meeting of in Montreal.

PPP: Um, hi. I'm.. PPP.. and, you're the Leafs' stud defenceman...err a stud...uhhh you are a Maple Leaf [Smacks himself] GOD! That sounds stupid! God, I'm an idiot! I never know how to start these things!

Luke Schenn: You're doing great, PPP.

PPP: [hopeful] Really? No, I'm not. [hyperventilating] Anyway.. I guess.. I didn't have, have to say, who you are, because.. man, I mean.. everyone knows who you are. Mmm.. you're Luke.

Luke Schenn: Well, it's great to meet you.

PPP: [uncomfortable, forehead starting to bead up] You.. you.. you remember when you were with the Maple Leafs?

Luke Schenn: Yeah, sure. I still am.

PPP: That was awesome!

Luke Schenn: Yeah, it is.

PPP: O-kay.. Oh! You.. you remember when you went to Ottawa and, uh, and at the arena the Maple Leafs drafted you 'cause you hit really hard and were an eraser, and.. it made all the papers, and everything..?

Luke Schenn: Yeah, my draft day was kind of a big deal.

PPP: [smacks himself harder] IDIOT!! That's so stupid! What a dumb question!!

Luke Schenn: No, no, no, PPP. I get asked that all the time in interviews. Sean McCormick asked the same question last week.

PPP: Really? [pause] Did you know that he's married to Jennifer Hedger?

Luke Schenn: Yeah. I've heard that.

PPP: Have you ever seen "The Lofters"?

Luke Schenn: No, I missed that one.

PPP: That was a pretty awesome show. Well, actually I've only seen one clip but it's a pretty awesome clip where Jennifer Hedger kisses on screen.

Luke Schenn: That's it? What's the big deal?

PPP: Well, she kisses another girl.

Luke Schenn: Did you just turn a chance meeting on the street into a talk about girl-on-girl kisses?

PPP: Uh...yeah?

Luke Schenn: Look, I gotta go. My brother Brayden just got drafted by Los Angeles and we have to go celebrate. Nice to meet you I guess.

PPP: [wipes brow] Thank you, Luke Schenn, thank you, for being one of the greatest... rookies...I mean, a soon-to-be Maple Leafs legend. And uh, a great looking guy.. and.. just thanks for stopping to talk, and.. [ smacks himself even harder ] GOD DANGIT! That sounded stupid! I knew I'd screw up!

Luke Schenn: You did fine, you did fine, PPP.

PPP: Really? Thanks, man. Thanks. Thank you.

Luke Schenn: Before you go, what was the name of that Hedger video?