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A Whole Lotta Love

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There hasn't been a whole lot of Leaf-related news to talk about over the last twenty-four hours with the Leafs being off, but there's been no shortage of love for a few individual players. First, Nikolai Kulemin gets some love from Jonas Siegel, as well as some Leaf teammates. Then, Franky Beauchemin gets some kudos courtesy of James Mirtle at the Globe at Mail:

Through much of his tenure in Toronto, he has drawn criticism from fans and media alike, pointed to as one of the reasons for the team’s struggles. Recent rumours have even had general manager Brian Burke set to deal him out of town.

Missed in much of the conversation, however, has been the fact that Beauchemin’s dependable game has helped keep the Leafs out of trouble more often than not in the 24 minutes a night he plays against other team’s top lines.

The Only Other Leaf Link:

Is it really "tough" to play in Toronto?

Tough question to answer.


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