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Finally PPP Returns To HockeeNight's Puckcast

"I love high school girls..."
"I love high school girls..."

CT and Forklift were gracious enough to have me on their Puckcast last night. Chemmy was supposed to be on but, as Michel Therien would say, he's 'soff'. This Puckcast takes a much more meandering path than the PPPPodcast which I enjoy. We talked about the picture to the left, who else might have joined Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane in their infamous commercial, the Bruins' great advertising work, 24/7 and Oil Change and how it's more fun to see behind the scenes on crappy teams, Bangin' Panger's amazing NHL Guardians post, some maniac local reporter that wants local players (like Brett Lebda?) on the Hawks, and more actual hockey talk than upper decker talk which might be a first.

Here's what Hockee Night remembers:

  • Fork's email for "Breast Awareness Day"
  • Kyle Wellwood being fat
  • Damien Cox being...well, Damien Cox
  • CT's belching of both Pepsi and High Life
  • The ToewsPervFace
  • PPP getting credentials for this weekend at Air Canada Centre
  • Swearing in hockey
  • Bruins Rules commercials

Hope you enjoy it: