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Are You Ready For Boring Hockey?

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Seriously? They made you captain?
Seriously? They made you captain?

The Leafs play in Manhattan tonight and have never played a single interesting game there. Ever. Get ready for a snooze fest. Other than that, not a whole heck of a lot going on, so here are your Wednesday links. Pictures of Nintendo video game characters not needed.

Leafs Links

Monster Keeps Emotions in Check

Except when he's smashing sticks on the crossbar that is.

The Other Guys: Split Down the Middle

LeafsHQ takes a look at how the "normal" guys for the Leafs are doing.

Where do the Leafs Go From Here?

The Hockey News' Puck Panel answers that question.

Leafs With High Praise For Marlies Coach Eakins 

Tim Brent, Tyler Bozak, and other Marlies talk about how Dallas Eakins has helped their careers.


Other NHL Links

The League of Extraordinary Statisticians: The Great Debate

Behind the Net asks what's more important a great offense or a great defense?

Tips For Dominating the All-Star Draft

DGB with a handy dandy guide for Captains Staal and Lidstrom

Player Agent Speak Out on Head Shots

Agents are none to happy to see their clients getting scrambled.

Therefore, Rule 48 Needs to be Amended

Pierre LeBrun thinks it's time to ban all head shots.

A Radical Re-Alignment Proposal

VLM wants to contract the league down to 24 teams. You're keeping Ottawa? Seriously?

Today, We Are All Sabres Fans

Great job boys!